About Me and My Art

I’m a student doing my PhD in Computer Science in Berlin. I discovered generative art during my time as a visiting student in the US, where I only had a laptop and could not spend my time playing video games.

Generative (computer) art, for me, is art that is produced by writing programs to generate images with some degree of autonomy. These programs usually contain a set of rules and directives, constraints, maybe a few hand-crafted designs, a few colors palettes, etc.

When the program is run, however, it uses randomness to generate images. Even though I write the programs, and sometimes I even have a general idea of what I want the result to look like, I can never know what it will actually look like in the end.

I generate a bunch of images with various parameters and modifications of the program. Some of those I print, some I put up on the website, but most I don’t use at all. To me, the selection is the most difficult part of the entire process.

PLEASE NOTE: All the images shown on the website are in preview quality - compressed JPEGs at about 20% of the original size. The actual images are rather large, to be printed in high quality on A3 paper. If you see any artifacts in the images on the website, that’s usually due to the compression and low resolution.

Can I buy any of this? - I’d be very happy if you did :)
You can contact me on Instagram: @lewislewis.69. You can also buy some prints over at deviantART.

If you ever buy a print off me, you can be 100% sure that it’s unique. I never re-print the same image, or re-sell it in any other way.